Who am I?

In no particular order: high-tech manager, lifeguard, IT director, camp counselor, computer geek, baby sitter, author, computer systems implementer, painter, builder, editor, private pilot, traveler, programmer, teacher, web designer, hiker, cyclist, wife, landlord, entrepreneur...I’ve been many things at different times in my life.



Growing up I was a wild, troublemaking tomboy. I suppose I’m still a troublemaker of sorts. My dad claimed I gave him gray hair. Truth was he kept his dark curls long after my mother’s hair turned completely white. I lived on a farm and then in a small town and ran wild through the countryside of Colorado. We rode bikes and horses and later drove any car we could get our hands on – faster was better. I’ve lived in Colorado, Massachusetts, Eritrea (Africa), Utah, Rhode Island, Germany, Abaco (Bahamas), Florida, and traveled to many other places along the way.


I love the mountains (real mountains, like Colorado Rockies or Swiss Alps) and the ocean. I prefer the Atlantic to the Gulf (it’s wilder) but I’m living on the Gulf now. I love to read. Mostly fiction – SF, thriller, mystery, humor – Lee Child, Janet Evanovich, David Baldacci, Ed McBain, Dennis Lehane, Orson Scott Card, Carl Hiaasen, Larry Niven, Jane Ann Krentz, Tim Dorsey, James Rollins, Colin Cotterill, and many more. I could go on and on. I’m always trying new authors. Every couple of weeks I bring home six or eight books from the library.


I like the outdoors, walking the beach or in the woods, working in the garden, designing websites and book covers, tai chi, learning new things, interesting people, and writing, writing, writing.


That’s more than enough about me.



The Roman God Janus

Janus (ianua) is the Roman god of gates and doors, beginnings and endings, represented with a double-faced head, each looking in opposite directions. Janus the Gatekeeper has jurisdiction over every kind of door and passage and the power of opening or closing them.




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